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Komplex Taman Tekno Blok A2, No 20-21, Serpong, INDONESIA 15314

contact: Paul Halliday
phone: +62 21 758 75835
fax: +62 54 276 4822
mobile: +628 1117 0196
email: bmp@pacific.net.id
website: www.bmpdrill.com

specialist sectors: blast hole, contractors, diamond coring, environmental, geotechnical, HDD, mineral exploration, water well

number of rigs: 22

BMP Drilling provides drilling services to Indonesia and South East Asia. Operating a large multipurpose fleet of up-to-date modern drill rigs and support equipment, BMP has just purchased a Schramm T130XD for CBM and a sonic sample rig for geotech drilling.

entry last modified December 10th, 2013