About Us

Australian Drilling Industry Association (ADIA) is a not-for-profit organisation with approx. 800 members consisting of onshore drilling contractors, suppliers, consultants and regulators. Our mission is to provide professional leadership in the advancement of the drilling industry.

We actively:

  • promote and support the interests and welfare of all facets of the onshore drilling industry;
  • advance the professional standing of the industry though regular dialogue with state and federal agencies, industry bodies and the public at large;
  • assist members to increase their skills and knowledge through regular needs-based training courses and seminars;
  • disseminate current issues, technical items and industry news to all members on a regular basis;
  • develop and promote appropriate standards and practices to all facets of the industry, and liaise with designers and manufacturers to ensure that the most current technologies are appraised and utilised; and
  • act as the spokesperson for the membership we represent at conferences, seminars and appropriate forums, both within Australia and overseas.

Products and services


Our members
ADIA members’ businesses are active in the minerals exploration; mining; coal seam gas; groundwater; and civil infrastructure sectors. During the recent mining boom, these sectors were responsible for direct revenues in the order of $2.3 billion per annum.

Our membership is mostly made up of small to medium-sized drilling contractor businesses operating in the onshore drilling industry. In some instances, these are mature companies owned by second, third and even fourth generation drilling families.

Many ADIA members operate in the minerals exploration sector on contracts to some of Australia’s biggest mining houses. As a result, they make a significant contribution to the nation’s economy including regional growth, manufacturing, employment and construction.

Our members prefer working outdoors to an air conditioned office and enjoy the ‘hard yakka’ provided by a day’s work on a drilling rig. Their drilling rigs are sophisticated machines often worth upwards of $1 million. ADIA’s supplier and manufacturer members are at the forefront of drilling technology that increases safety, productivity and profit.

We also have a small group of consulting companies and individuals as members including geologists; hydrogeologists; and engineers and contract managers from mining companies.