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The Australian Drilling Industry Association (ADIA) represents over 1,000 drilling contractors, suppliers, consultants and associated organisations who operate in the mineral exploration, mining, water well, geotechnical and environmental sectors.

There are over 3,000 drilling rigs active in Australia, and many operate in remote locations where the support services most of us take for granted aren’t available. As a result, Australian drillers have a reputation for innovation and persistence, and the ability to ‘get the job done’ – despite the odds!

Equipment designers and suppliers too have played their part and developed equipment that meets the needs of our drilling contractors. Like our drilling crew, these rigs are sought after overseas because of their rugged dependability.

To ensure these achievements do not go unnoticed, we distribute our magazine – Australasian Drilling – to many organisations and readers overseas, who are always keen to review the latest developments from ‘down under’. It also allows Aussies working out of Australia to keep up with industry news too!

The ADIA’s head office is located near Melbourne, with active members in most states and territories. The Board meets four times annually, and draws on representatives from all member states and sectors. All positions are voluntary.

One of our strengths is that we encompass small owner-operators to large multi-national organisations. Sixty-five per cent of contractor members employ less than four personnel; 27 per cent employ 5-50; and the remaining 8 per cent are large contractors, some employing up to 500 staff.

Australasian Drilling is our public face. Printed bi-monthly, some 3,500 copies are distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand; South East Asia; North and South America; Canada; Africa; and Europe. The magazine is supported by a strong group of loyal advertisers, who rely on our magazine to help ‘get the message out’ to the market. We believe that advertising in Australasian Drilling is successful because the magazine is received and read by the individuals who sign the cheques!

We run an annual conferences, where exhibitors and supplier have a unique opportunity to mix and mingle with customers (and potential customers) whom they may not see for an extended period. Presenters cover topical issues, including both business management and technical subjects. We also hold seminars and training courses on an as-needs basis, to ensure that all members have an opportunity to increase their knowledge and skill. Such meetings frequently utilise the assistance of recognised local specialists, who can speak with confidence on the local conditions and successful remedies.

We endeavour to maintain a good rapport with associated bodies and government organisations who are charged with the responsibility of maintaining high OH&S standards and other critical compliance aspects. As a part of these industry sectors, we feel we too are obliged to support and influence the policies and practices that assist all Australians, which includes our members.